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What is Clip Manager Status Menu?

You can directly access the most important features of Clip Manager 4 without switching to it, including:

  • Copy To Clip Manager
  • Record to Clip Manager History
  • Fast Switch to FileMaker or Clip Manager
  • Direct access to Snippets
  • Direct access to recently added clips in the Clip History
  • Direct access to your favorite clips in the Clip History

Where to find?

  • Open Clip Manager 4.
  • Click on the Clip Manager icon in the Mac OS Status bar.

Where to find the Clip Manager Status Menu


Some Clips you are using over and over again, think of Custom Functions, a template for a new table or script, nice buttons or a nice designed layout template ... These Clips can now be stored in the new Snippets Section. These Snippets can be directly accessed from the Clip Manager Status menu and can be used everywhere in your FileMaker Development without switching to and opening the clip in Clip Manager.

  • The tooltip will show a preview of the content of the Clip.
  • By selecting the Snippet, the Snippet will be put into the clipboard and if possible pasted into FileMaker.

Direct access to your snippets

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