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What is Clip View?

The Clip View shows the clip in a human readable form. It allows you to manipulate, set only a part of the clip in the clipboard, ... without bothering about the XML code.

Where to find?

  • Open a clip in Clip Manager 4.
  • Select "Clip" in the clip header or Menu > View > Clip View (⌘3)

Where to find the Clip View

Drag and drop

You can directly drag your current selected rows to a folder, the history or snippets. Clip Manager will create a new clip from the selection.

Open in YouTube.

Contextual Menu Actions

CM4 ClipView actions.png


When in Clip View, Clip Manager generates a human readable presentation of the Clip. This human readable form defaults to "en", being English.

But you can choose one of the other FileMaker interface languages.

The choosen language will also be used for the text chunk of the clipboard, when you put the Clip completely or partly back on the clipboard.

This can be useful for documentation or creating FileMaker Training material in different languages.

Cut, Copy and Paste

When you copy selected rows in the Clip View, these rows will be copied to the clipboard as FileMaker clipboard items, but also as text.

This means you can put selected parts of a loaded Clip back on the clipboard.

In the image above only the two selected tables will be copied.

When pasting these back in FileMaker, 2 tables will be added, provided you are in the Tables View of the "Manage Database" dialog.

But when you would paste in a text editor or a spreadsheet, these 2 tables would paste as text. This can be very useful when documenting your solution.

Paste in Excel

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