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Due to the new format and new features, the History database of Clip Manager 3 will not be converted to Clip Manager 4. If you need some of your clips in the History database of Clip Manager 3, save it first as clip file and open it in Clip Manager 4.

FileMaker Pro 10 or lower

Clip Manager 4 was built for FileMaker Pro 11. Although some of the basic functions will work with older versions, we recommend to use FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced. Because FileMaker is now fully Cocoa, we are no longer able to support the older Carbon Libraries.

If you need some functionality like copy and paste of custom functions in older builds of FileMaker Pro, we recommend to use myFMbutler Clip Manager 3. Customers of myFMbutler Clip Manager 4 can request a free license code of myFMbutler Clip Manager 3.

Print Script Step

The printer name is only correctly interpreted when pasting a clip from FileMaker 11, clips from FileMaker 10 will show the printer name incorrectly in the Clip Manager clip viewer.

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