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Custom Functions

Clip View


Below a very simple custom function in Clip View:

CM4 ClipView SimpleCustomFunction.png

The left pane shows the custom function as it would look in the "Custom Functions" dialog of FileMaker Advanced 11, the right pane shows the detail of the selected custom function.

You are able to change the name of the custom function, change the name and the order of the parameters or even change the formula itself, but beware that we're not in FileMaker, so nothing will be checked for correctness.

We recommend this for small changes, It's not our intention to replace the excellent interface FileMaker has provided to edit custom functions.

CM4 ClipView SimpleCustomFunctionEdited.png

Multiple Custom Functions in 1 Clip

Because of the split pane presentation, Clip Manager 4 can now manage more then 1 custom function in a single clip. Converted Clip Manager 3 clips wil contain only 1 custom function.

You Custom Function Clips can therefore be now a collection of custom functions, just like the other clips are a collection of tables, fields, scripts and script steps.

CM4 ClipView MultipleCustomFunctions.png

Adding to the collection is simple. Just use the contextual menu.

CM4 ClipView XMFN Paste.png

Copying from the collection to FileMaker can be done in 2 ways.

Either you just hit the "Set" button in the toolbar, which wil put on the clipboard every custom function in the collection.

Or you select one or several custom functions and use the contextual menu to copy only the selected ones.

You can then switch to FileMaker Advanced 11 to paste.

You can also use the AutoPaste feature ( set in the preferences ) which will try to paste them for you. Just remember the "Custom Functions" dialog must be open and the list must be focused for the AutoPaste function to work properly. If you forgot to make those preparations and the clipboard is not auto-pasting, just switch to FileMaker yourself and paste manually, because AutoPaste did put the clip already in the clipboard before it failed to paste.

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