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Known Issues
  • "Get Clips" have an empty name.
  • The help menu takes you to the ClipManager 4 help.
  • A literal string "$3.00" referenced in a calculation is erroneously listed as a "Script Variable" in the Inspector.
  • Assistive device cannot be enabled from Clip Manager.

Changes in build (05-05-2015)
  • Clip Manager 5 is now in beta! Time to fix some bugs ...
  • Occurrence Selector has been implemented.
  • Occurrence Selector window is replaced to "Clip Manager pallet". This was done to support new candy in future releases.
Bug Fixes
  • Folder looses rename focus after creation.
  • Removed deprecated features from the preferences window..

Changes in build (07-03-2015)
  • Short cuts has changed in Status Menu, since there are conflicts with certain key combinations on certain keyboards.
  • About Clip Manager window has been updated to the new corporate identity.
Bug Fixes
  • Clip Manager doesn't reset the scroll bars in the FRG, when adding a new table occurrence.
  • Reset of the scroll bars in the FRG was broken in FileMaker Pro 13. This is fixed now.
  • The number of replaced occurrences is wrong.
  • Clip Manager 5 Crashes when pressing cmd-z (undo) after a replace all command.
  • Clip Manager 5 no longer fills log with encoding messages.

Changes in build (22-02-2015)
  • The return of Custom Function installer. When there is a custom function in the clipboard and the custom functions window is open in FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can open the custom function installer via the status menu or by pressing option-U.
  • A clip no longer looses it's name, when copied.
  • Replaced some deprecated code and classes.
Bug Fixes
  • Prefs file had the wrong file name.
  • Short cuts in Status Menu where broken, this is fixed now.
  • Every none History clip, was saved in the Clip History when set in Clipboard.
  • Occurrence Selector no longer reappears after moving a FileMaker window.

Changes in build (02-02-2015)
  • Copy and Auto Paste has no his own button and short cut (ctrl-cmd-C)
  • Auto paste supports now FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced, FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced and FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced for all clip flavours, including themes
  • A normal "set" or "copy" command will no longer do an auto paste.
  • Auto paste has been removed from the preferences.

Changes in build (30-01-2015)
Bug Fixes
  • Clip Manager could crash when opening a new FileMaker Pro client.

Changes in build (29-01-2015)
  • Occurrence Selector can now be enabled or disabled from the status menu.
  • Occurrence Selector is no longer visible when switching to Clip Manager.
  • Occurrence Selector can now be closed, without popping up again.
  • You can now switch FileMaker Pro from the status menu.

Changes in build (26-01-2015)
  • Optimisation of the code for automating the FileMaker UI.

Changes in build (16-12-2014)
  • Clip Manager is no longer observing the interface of FileMaker Pro.
  • Clip List is not updated when changing the name of the clip.
  • The Window Name receives the filename of the active FileMaker file of the active FileMaker Pro, during copying.
  • Extension of file clips are hidden.
  • The option "Rename clip" has been removed from the contextual menu.
Bug Fixes
  • First row of the source code is truncated

Changes in build (01-12-2014)
  • Every Clip has a new property: name. For file clip the name of the clip is the same as the name of the file.
  • Changes to meta data of the clip is changed immediately.

Changes in build (25-11-2014)
  • Repositioning of clip lists. The new design focuses on the content of the clip.
  • Removed references to the old CMBridge plug-in.

Changes in build (24-11-2014)
  • Update of internal frameworks and libraries.

Changes in build (23-11-2014)
  • Small improvements.

Changes in build (09-08-2014)
  • The return of the Jedi. Occurrence Selector is back!

Changes in build (08-08-2014)
  • Improved color syntax and new preferences.
  • XML editor got a speed boost.
  • Preview of layout clips have a neutral gray color and some other improvements.
  • Flat design for tabs
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several issues with the get and set button.
  • Fixed an issue where the auto paste flag was always on in the menu, even when auto paste was disabled.

Changes in build (05-07-2014)
  • Support for copy and pasting themes.
  • Better Retina support.

Changes in build (29-06-2014)
  • Better Retina support.
  • Cleanup of unused images.
  • Clip Info header focusses more on content, less prominent.
Bug Fixes
  • Renaming an alias renames the alias instead of the original file.
  • Fixed the status menu icon.

Changes in build (10-06-2014)
  • Retina support. (Not finished yet)

Changes in build (25-04-2014)
  • Removed Occurrence Selector from main project. OS will run his own process
  • Retrieve Window Name from Clip Manager Helper plug-in instead if AX

Changes in build (23-04-2014)
  • Removed Growl and replaced by Notification Center
  • Inspector 3.0: Basic implementation of an XML2 clip
  • A lot, lot, lot under the hood.

Changes in build (04-03-2014)
  • Inspector 3.0: The inspector window analyses only the selected items in Clip View instead of the whole Clip.
  • Inspector 3.0: The inspector window shows only a progress wheel if analysing a clip needs longer time.
Bug Fixes
  • Clip Manager no longer crashes when getting twice the same clip.
  • Badges in the dock item and in the browser list are updated properly when getting a clip from history.
  • The history list was not updated when getting a clip.

Changes in build (28-02-2014)
  • When Clip History is enabled, Clip Manager opens the latest recorded clip during the session when pressing on the Get button. The history clip will be automatic set as unread. When Clip History is disabled, Clip Manager will open the latest Clip that was set in the clipboard.
  • New subtile interface for the add and action button in the Browser list.
  • Removed the footer in the content part. Therefore the progress wheel and info label has been removed as well.

Changes in build (27-02-2014)
  • New native OS toolbar.
  • The options "Auto Paste" and "History" can now be enabled/disabled on the toolbar.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the inspector showed information of the previous clip.

Changes in build (17-02-2014)
  • Status menu icon has changed.
  • Status menu icon contains tooltip.

Changes in build (29-01-2014)
  • Clip list doesn't jump to the first row after loading a clip.
  • Search options are now implemented.
  • Search field in toolbar, has the same behaviour as Clip Manager 4.x .
Bug Fixes
  • Get or Set could cause an unexpected error when a dialog pops up.
  • Fixed an issue where a preview as not saved in a clip.

Changes in build (24-01-2014)
  • Status Menu now also available via the Dock Icon Menu
  • List boxes are sorted the FileMaker way instead of ASCII sorting.

Changes since myFMbutler Clip Manager 4.2 (23-01-2014)
  • We are cocoa!
  • Spanish Language version
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Font and icon size of side bar respects the OSX preferences
  • Automatic migration from snippets and history clips at first start up
  • The user can choose to migrate the preferences from Clip Manager 4 to Clip Manager 5 at first start up
  • Support for Korean and Portugese script clips
  • New icons for clip
  • Faster XML editor
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