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Record clip history

Clip Manager’s Clip History allows you to automatically store all information you copy in FileMaker, i.e. all scripts, script steps, fields, tables, custom functions and layout elements. Whenever you copy something in FileMaker, Clip Manager will analyze it in the background and add it to a SQLite database. Here you can set this option on or off.

Reset unread clips when closing Clip Manager Express

Clip Manager will mark all new history clips as unread until you open the clip. This option will mark all unread clips as read when closing Clip Manager.

Reset capture history

This command will clear the history database.


Show Line Numbers

You can show/hide line numbers in the source view.

Show Invisible Characters

You can show/hide invisible characters in the source view.


Change the Font and Font Size of the source view.

External Editor

You can open the current clip in an external text editor directly from Clip Manager. Change your default text editor here.




Clip Manager checks the myfmbutler site for updates on startup. Your version number is compared to the one on our servers. When Clip Manager detects that the local version is lower, it gives you the possibility to download and install an update.


Always convert older Clip Manager files.

When this option is on, Clip Manager will not ask to convert the file, but will convert it immediately. When Clip Manager converts an older clip to the new Clip Manager file format, a new folder with the current timestamp is created in the folder "Converted clips". The original files are copied to this folder.

Reset preferences

This will reset all preferences to the default values.

Path to clips folder

You can change the default Clip Manager folder to another place.

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