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What is Source View?

The Source View shows the raw XML of a FileMaker clip.

Where to find?

  • Open a clip in Clip Manager Express.
  • Click on the "Source" tab in the clip header or Menu > View > Source View (Ctrl+4)

Where to find the Source View

Source View

Where to find the Source View

Line Numbers

You can show/hide line numbers by going to Menu > View > Show Line Numbers ( Ctrl+Shift+L )

You can jump to a line number by going to Menu > Go > Go to Line (Ctrl+L)

Go to PNG

Invisible Characters

You can show/hide invisible characters by going to Menu > View > Show Invisible Characters ( Ctrl+Shift+I )


Note: Collapsing is disabled for Clips with more than 15000 lines of code.

Fast Jump

Fast Jump allows you to navigate fast to the most important elements of your XML File: - Scripts - Fields - Tables - Functions

Fast Jump


Colors can be changed in the preferences.


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