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What does it do?

myFMbutler eID is a plugin for FileMaker Pro 16 (and also 15 & 14), which enables you to read information from the Belgian eID identitydirectly into a FileMaker database. The plugin allows to process the following data: a. General information (name and date of birth, etc.) b. address c. additional information d. Photo e. card info

What's new?

Version 4.0

  • FileMaker 16 compatible
  • Compatible with the latest software from the Belgian government
  • The plug-in doesn't require an update when the Belgian government releases a minor update of the eID Software.

Installation and Setup

What do I need?

Mac OS X 10.9 or higher or Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 with FileMaker Pro 14, 15 or 16.


To read the eID card, the Belgian eID software must first be installed. If that's not the case, please pre-install this separately. The runtime software "Belgian_Identity_Card_Run-time" is available for free to download on eID software website.

Once you've installed the middleware, open the "myFMbutler eID Installer.fmp12" file to install the plug-in.

Example Files

We have supplied several example files:

The myFMbutler eID Installe example show you how to include a plugin verification on startup and install the plugin if needed. It also features an example of an entire eID card reading script.

The Basic Example example features an example of an entire eID card reading script.

The Specific example provides you with some examples of how to retrieve only some specific data from the eID card.

Overview of eID reader external functions

Click Here a more detailed overview of the external functions that the eID plugin offers:

Privacy Law and GDPR

More information about the privacy law and GDPR can be found on the website of the Privacy Commission



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