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Below you can find a list of all functions that will allow you to obtain specific information from the eID card, in a consistent way: Each functions starts with the same prefix, follow by a specific suffix which indicates the data that will be read:



General data

Function name Data obtained Function returns
mFMb_EeID_name Name Text string
mFMb_Eeid_firstname1 First first name Text string
mFMb_Eeid_firstname2 Second first name Text string
mFMb_Eeid_firstname3 Third first name Text string
mFMb_ EeID_birthDate Date of Birth Text string
mFMb_ EeID_birthLocation Birth Location Text string
mFMb_ EeID_sex Sexe M or V
mFMb_ EeID_NobleCondition Noble condition Text string
mFMb_ EeID_nationality Nationality Text string
mFMb_ EeID_nationalnumber National number Number string

Address functions

Function name Data obtained Function returns
mFMb_EeID_street Name of street Text string
mFMb_Eeid_streetNumber streetnumber Number string
mFMb_Eeid_boxNumber boxnumber Number string
mFMb_Eeid_zip postal code Number string
mFMb_ Eeid_adr_municipality municipality Text string

Additional functions

Function name Data obtained Function returns
mFMb_EeID_whiteCane This citizen is blind 1 or 0 (Boolean)
mFMb_Eeid_yellowCane This citizen has bad eyesight - but is not blind 1 or 0 (Boolean)
mFMb_Eeid_extendedMinority This citizen is considered to be a minor regardless of their age 1 or 0 (Boolean)

Image functions

Function to obtain image:

Function name Data obtained Function returns
mFMb_EeID_GetPicture eID profile picture Image file

Note: The above function ensures that the image information in a temporary folder is placed on the following path:

Mac: ~ / Library / Caches / TemporaryItems / [national number] .jpg

Windows: The path specified in the respective Environment Variables TMP TEMP, USERPROFILE, or in the absence of those variables Windows directory If you wish to import the photos, this script should therefore be followed by a step "Insert Picture script step from that path.

Card-specific functions

Function name Data obtained Function returns Format
mFMb_EeID_chipNumber chipnumber Text string 534C4790334700001A2D74CD12924045
mFMb_Eeid_cardNumber cardnumber Number string 000000207033
mFMb_Eeid_validityDateBegin Card valid from Date string 15.04.2014
mFMb_Eeid_validityDateEnd Card valid until Date string 15.04.2019
mFMb_Eeid_municipality Place where card was distributed Text string Antwerpen
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