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The PrSw_PrintSetup ( “capture” ) function allows you to save a specific printer setup, consisting of not only page orientation, paper size and paper source for a certain printer, but also certain driver-specific settings, like duplex printing, watermark printing etc. These settings can then be restored at the time of printing using the PrSw_PrintSetup ( “restore” ) function.

PrintSetup1.png PrintSetup2.png

Printing from FileMaker on Windows offers many different options. It is important to note, however, that these Print Dialog properties are controlled by different parts of the operating system or application.

In order to be able to access all these properties, PrinterSwitch, as of version 1.6, offers the following optional functions:

PrSw_SetPrintCopies (default =1)

PrSw_SetPrintCollate (default = no)

PrSw_SetPrintRange (default = all)

PrSw_SetPrintToFile (default = no)

The image of the ‘FileMaker Print Dialog’ below offers an overview of those options, and shows you how to control these using PrinterSwitch.

FileMaker Print Dialog Overview

PrSw PrintOptions-1.png

 There are two ways of using the PrSw_SetPrint functions:

1. Integrate them in the capture process

Call the required function after choosing ‘Print Setup’, and before PrSw_PrintSetup ( “capture” ), and the setting will be part of the capture. If you later restore, the PrintSet options will also be restored.

2. Use them in the print script

Call the required function just before using the ‘Print’ script step.

If you don’t use any of the PrSw_SetPrint functions, the default values will be used.

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