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Version 2.2

  • 64-bit support for automatic PDF creation from within FileMaker Runtime Solutions [Windows]
  • Better support for 64-bit printer drivers

Version 2.1

1° New variables in PrSw_PrintSetup

Based on user feedback, we found quite a number of people wanted users to be able to make changes after a PrSw_PrintSetup ("restore|…") had been selected.

In this version there is now a new variable that you can optionally call after using the PrSw_PrintSetup ("restore|…") to determine whether a user can override the restored setup or not:

  • PrSw_PrintSetup("setup_block_user_override"): Will ignore any possible changes a user will make as long as the restore is active, i.e. as long as you haven't called PrSw_PrintSetup("reset").
  • PrSw_PrintSetup("setup_allow_user_override"): Does allow the user to make changes in either the Page Setup or Print dialog after a PrSw_PrintSetup ("restore|…) - we chose to now make this the default setting.

2° Added PrSw_PrintDialog("disable") and PrSw_PrintDialog("enable") on Mac OS X

We found a number of people had problems with the preview not refreshing correctly after performing a restore. In order to also solve this on Mac OS X, we have now implemented the PrSw_PrintDialog("disable") and PrSw_PrintDialog("enable") functions in the same way as they were available on Windows.

If you now use the following sequence, the Preview should look fine:

Set Variable [dummy; PrSw_PrintDialog("disable")]
Print Setup[]
Set Variable [dummy; PrSw_PrintDialog("enable")]
Enter Preview Mode [Pause]

This procedure will "trick" FileMaker so that it thinks the page setup dialog has been shown, and thus it will pick up the changed setup.

3° Now integrates new version 4.5 of the Amyuni PDF driver (Windows)

  • WHQL Testing and Certification for 32 and 64-bit Windows 2008 and Windows 7
  • Improved performance and compatibility with 64-bit applications

4° Compressed printer data strings

Captured printer data will now be compressed on both Windows and Mac OS X to improve restore performance

5° Bug fix with number of copies

Fixed a bug where the specified number of copies would not always be respected

Version 2.0.2

1° [Mac OS X] Greatly improved printing speed when using capture & restore.

2° [Windows] Fixed bug where sometimes PrinterSwitch would only print to the default printer.

Version 2.0.1

1° Solves an issue where the "Print Setup" script step was not working properly

2° Fixed bug with FileMaker 11 record selection dialog

when using capture and restore, you can now determine whether to print the "Current record" or "all "Records being browsed"" by using "Specify print options" in the "Print" script step. When using a restore, PrinterSwitch will only use the FileMaker record selection data defined in the "Specify print options" - all other (FileMaker 11) printer information will be ignored

3° [Mac OS X] Fixed bug with manual printing and "Save as PDF".

You can now create PDFs manually, even when PrinterSwitch has selected a printer. You can now even capture and restore "Save as PDF…", although the PDF name is not variable.

4° [Windows] Solved privilege related issues on Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008.

5° [Windows] Should no longer require changes to DEP settings

Version 2.0

1° PrinterSwitch 2.0 is fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 11

2° [Mac OS X only] Added Capture / Restore functionality

Added Capture / Restore functionality for page orientation, paper size and paper source. This feature was already available in the Windows version

3° [Windows only] Amyuni PDF driver 4.0

Integrated version 4 of the Amyuni PDF driver for compatibility with Windows 7 and improved compatibility with Windows Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)

4° Added PrSw_VersionAutoUpdate function for use with FMS Autoupdate

5° Changed installer so the plug-in is automatically installed in the FMS AutoUpdate location

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